Rio Hortega University Hospital, recognised as the Best Allergy Service

Rio Hortega University Hospital, SMART HOSPITAL demonstrator, has been recognised as the Best Allergy Service and has been among the five finalists of the Best Hepatitis C Service, in Best in Class Awards (BiC), which celebrates it tenth edition this year.

The BiC Awards, organized by Gaceta Médica and the Innovation chair and Health Management of Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid), attracted more than 500 attendees, the main health sector actors. In all, 736 nominations from 133 hospitals opted to these recognitions, classified in 41 categories.

Alicia Armentia, chief of Allergy and Clinic Immunology in HURH, collected the prize and said that ‘the greatest encouragement is that patients continue valuing so positively this job’. Armentia explained that the purpose of the whole work team is to improve and disseminate its experience, as example to other research projects.

During the last ten years, BiC Awards have presented more than 250 prizes and 50 honourable mentions and they have become a tool for managers and professionals to evaluate themselves and compare with other hospitals, according to Santiago Quiroga, the President of Gaceta Médica.

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