Training sessions

During the 6th to 10th of June, the Environment Week has been celebrated in the Hospital Universitario Río Hortega of Valladolid. General and specific training of the staff has been carried out in the context of the LIFE Smart Hospital European project.

The purpose of this training plan is to involve the workers in the objectives of the LIFE Project and to spread the improvements carried out in matters of water, energy and waste. A total of 2500 workers have participated in the general training, which took place in the auditorium, as well as in the specific sessions for the different units (nursing, emergency, laboratory, etc.).

As a close of the week, the annual event of the project has been held with the workshop “Corporate social responsibility in the Sacyl. Environment Week and LIFE Smart Hospital Project”, directed to the management addresses of hospitals and health areas, maintenance services, occupational risk prevention services, building managers, etc.


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