The actions implemented in the Water Demonstrator axis include its reuse, monitoring and efficient use

After the definition of the initial scenario in terms of water consumption and load of the wastewater discharges, the implementation of the different measures planned under the LIFE Smart Hospital project has begun.

Firstly, it has been carried out the reuse of the rejection from the water treatment plant of the hemodialysis unit. The plant consists of two stages of reverse osmosis (RO) in series which provides excellent water quality. Since January 2016, the water from the rejection of the first RO has been redirected to the hospital’s general wells for its further use as water for human consumption, which will save about 18 m3 / d.

On the other hand, the HURH has four chillers that operate in summer with an approximate consumption of 10 m3 / h each. The project addresses the rejection of the chiller panels in a raft for later reuse in the flushing network, which will mean a saving of about 90 m3 / d.

In parallel to the previous actions, different flowmeters have been installed to determine patterns of consumption of water for human consumption, hot water, irrigation, flushing network, etc. Thanks to this measure, it will be possible to quantify the savings of the different actions that are being carried out and establish patterns of consumption.

Finally, during the second half of 2016, the HURH staff will be trained for an efficient water management, especially in the hospital industrial kitchen, cafeterias and irrigation.

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