2015 LIFE Smart Hospital Event: EFE Forum Technology and Environment

The event organized by CARTIF and the Spanish press agency EFE was a meeting point for companies, organizations, researchers and public entities, who discussed the possibilities of the LIFE program to promote R&D.

The director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, Susana Magro, praised the benefits of the program and congratulated CARTIF for being working on 12 projects between 2013 and 2017. Magro put special emphasis on encouraging companies to ‘invest in R&D’, which is the key to moving towards a low carbon economy, and that policy against climate change will mark the future towards a world without emissions. She added that the policies of climate change will be the starting point of all policies related to waste, energy, water, biodiversity and even economic and social.

Then, the technical director of the SME Turqueplast, Esteban Pérez, explained the importance of return on R&D investments environmentally and economically. On the other hand, the SIGRE’s technical director, María José Blázquez, recalled that this company invests 20% of its budget on the environmental R&D, mainly in ecodesign.

Raquel López, the Smart Hospital’s coordinator, explained the objectives, goals an results obtained. She highlighted the importance of the project to be the first to address a integrated management of water, waste and energy in the hospital setting.

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